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A Quick Look

CSR Childrens initiative Thailand


The Higher Organization of Learning and Development. (HOLD) A national Humanitarian initiative Promoting Education and Natural Health.


The four Higher Organization of Learning and Development (HOLD) Campaigns meet the "4 E" standard: women, men & children who participate will be:

• Enabled • Ennobled • Empowered • Enhanced


This eventful entertaining book inspires and nurtures social and emotional truths, well suited for today’s modern society for the healthy development of young minds in their formative years.

The newly encouraged young reader obtains the foundation and learning skills to identify with these progressive social values, such as, goal-oriented actions, personal purpose, mission, responsibility, self-esteem and mindfulness, in their daily life. Assisting to create a well-balanced, vibrant and joyful child.


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“Hygienic and Safe Water”


Unsafe drinking and cooking water sickens and kills women and children.


The Natural and Safe Solution:

Locals serving as "Health Ambassadors" will use technology to provide clean water in every home, and restaurant and create a micro business while doing so.


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HOLD –The higher Organisation of Learning and Development Children’s INITIATIVE

"The best children’s book I have ever read"  Dr. R.   Laibow,  35 Years New York  child  psychologist.

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