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Dear Reader,
How pleasant it is to meet you here.
Born in Christchurch, New Zealand. Educated in the area of horticulture, however finding myself a co-founder of a public relations company, Bangkok Thailand, specializing in CSR- Corporate Social Responsibility and charity work. Where I witnessed first-hand the effort and finances it took to assist adults and children that had found themselves in desperate situations. I tried to understand the connection, and realised we are all affected, at least in part, by the same dilemma.
What we think, we fell, we talk, we act upon. Many of us, fall easily into the 2 biggest human fears, I am not good enough or there’s not enough. From this state a whole host of fears are perpetuated.
Many people would rise above this psychosis, unfortunately many wouldn’t, or at least, become good at hiding it.
Thus proverbs such as: The Sins of the father were passed 7 generations, were inspired?
The cycle of negative thinking is challenging to identify and subsequently overcome.It can be safe to say, that a child raised in a positive, caring and nurturing environment develop to a functional and beneficial well balanced member of society?
On the other hand a child that was not encouraged, bullied, ridiculed, unacknowledged enough, would hold some of these negative emotions into adult hood, and possibly even inadvertently be unaware of their neurosis, and even hand them down to their own children, and so forth....
A child suffering from neglect, physical and/or emotional abuse surely could not be expected to always rise above these deep wounds, throughout every situation, throughout their life?
If we look at the funding used yearly around the world for intuitions that deal with unbalanced people, its inconceivable. Thus indirectly making us all a part of this social challenge?
Thus the premise of Monkey Travels was conveyed.
Good children grow to
Good adults being
In service, Paul Banks.

About the illustrator,

Norman Beckett, formerly working at times as a Walt Disney artist, and now residing in his home country, Scotland.

Although I had the privilege to meet with him many times overseas, he does not use email, making our communication very long, the pictures took two years to complete, but it was  thoroughly worth it. I think he has captured the essence of the book wonderfully, and I am honoured for him to choose this project.

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GOOD children grow to

GOOD adults being


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