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“Hygienic and Safe Water”


Unsafe drinking and cooking water sickens and kills underprivileged.



The Natural and Safe Solution:

Local people serving as "Health Ambassadors" will use technology to provide clean water in every home, monastery and restaurant and create a micro business while doing so.

One third of humanity lives in conditions where safe water is scarce, one billion people lack access to clean water, and three infants die every minute from pathogenic (disease-causing) organisms such as e-coli, salmonella, cholera, legionella, hepatitis, and a plethora of other dangerous bacteria, parasites and viruses. 


Specially trained people in each community will become "Health Ambassadors".  They will be specially trained to use totally non-toxic, environmentally safe, effective and inexpensive technology to eliminate all water borne pathogens from drinking and cooking water. This project will provide the know-how and supplies to turn dirty water into potable, clean water.  The Health Ambassadors will multiply the impact of this information through their community contacts and penetration.  While sharing this inexpensive state-of-the-art (but extraordinarily simple) break-through technology for clean water, Health Ambassadors will create micro financing opportunities for themselves and their communities. 


The micro businesses under their control (which they will be trained to create and manage) will provide Health Ambassadors with economic independence and the ability to send their children to school and provide for other basic needs. Not only will Health Ambassadors reduce the incidence of devastating water-borne diseases in their homes and communities, they will also acquire significant self-esteem and status in their communities.  The program also provides leadership opportunities, job skills, jobs and a market for craftsmanship.


Technology is so simple to use that neither literacy nor education are required to employ it correctly.

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