The Higher Organization of Learning and Development. (HOLD) A national Humanitarian initiative Promoting Education and Natural Health.



The four Higher Organization of Learning and Development (HOLD) Campaigns meet the "4 E" standard: women, men and children who participate will be: 


• Enabled • Ennobled • Empowered • Enhanced

As part of the Higher Organization of Learning and Development (HOLD), we propose to initiate multiple programs. Each of them enhances the options and abilities of women, men and children to make empowering choices that can effectively change their lives and the lives of their communities. Personally empowering strategies and tools for health which are suitable for people at all educational and socioeconomic levels.


Being CSR Active, Being CSR Aware


Each of The Higher Organization of Learning & Development (HOLD) programs & initiatives includes the following components: 


• Education

• Health

• Direct Service to Women, and Children 

• Long-lasting Benefit to the Community 

• Fills an Important Unmet Need

• Narrows the gap between corporations and under privileged

Children’s books about optimism

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