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llness prevention- “High Nutritional Organic Foods” Square foot Gardening



Nutritionally insufficient (i.e., Western and “fast”) food coupled with poor food choices degrade the health of people leading to rapidly increasing disease and death from the "the Preventable Chronic Diseases of Under Nutrition” in Thailand as in the rest of the developing world.



The Natural and Safe Solution:

Develop a creative, attractive and compelling "Food for Life" educational program to extend peoples Health Span, the period of active, healthy life available to each person. 

“Food for Life” will be structured as a club where they can learn about health and food.  Membership will empower them to take control of their health through choice and knowledge in the context of a social setting in which they can support and help to motivate each other.  Using culturally sensitive, reinforcing programs to assist them in focusing on clean, unadulterated, nutritious food for themselves and their families, Health Ambassadors will participate in dissemination of this pro-active prevention strategy to protect current and future health.


Traditional food values and dietary preferences which support whole person health will be stressed, enabling Food for Life members to seek out and select nutritious, pesticide free, and wholesome food both at home and away from home.


Lifelong bone, heart, immune and reproductive health are strongly impacted by adolescent and early adult dietary choices in children. Health Ambassadors can use special material to communicate nutritional imperatives for life-long health in culturally relevant, attractive and literacy-independent ways within their communities.  They will help people to understand and employ nutritional strategies for current and preventive health resulting in a lowered burden of preventable disease amongst uniformed people. lowering direct and indirect medical costs, increased economic and social productivity.  The net result of this program, in fact will be an increase in the Happiness Index of participating people.


Fried and oily snacks, carbonated beverages, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and other elements of the devitalized, expensive, illness-inducing, but heavily advertised Standard American Diet (SAD) are hard to resist unless people understand the real nature of these substitute “foods”.  Food for Life will give people the information and social support they need to reclaim their health and that of their families and communities by positive, sustainable food choices.


Woven into the Food for Life membership program will be a “Move for Life” component emphasizing the vital role of exercise for people and focusing on healthy, strong, graceful people to model natural beauty rather than unhealthy, foreign “beauties” who demonstrate a negative relationship to inner beauty from health and wellbeing.

Positive children’s guidance

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