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Edison completed three months of schooling....

Updated: Jun 3, 2018

The popular modern children’s education system, seems to have a fundamental basic weakness? It’s based on theory, in most part. Kid’s moral, inspirational and positive lessons through actual practise are very secondary. We can learn the in depth characteristics of an orange but not to taste an orange would seem most unfitting. The educational system for children seems to view any practical effects of a theory as somewhat insignificant, a kind of betrayal even, from the scholarly purest. Many of the world’s greatest thinkers, scientists, teachers and leaders, never completed a formal education, or they rejected schooling or schooling rejected them. Einstein was marked to be a failure in school.

His teachers deemed him as “unteachable”. Goethe found little worth of his formal schooling. Claiming no university course had any interest to him. There are a great number of exceptionally gifted and successful people across the board in all industries that have a limited educated in the way of diplomas. Their success has been based in the practicality of the task at hand? Do you think it’s time we redefine the word, education? Please note, I think teachers are one of this world’s best assets, however it seem that they have their hands tied behind their backs and overwhelmed within a schooling system that is not talking into account the bigger picture and not taking into account the modern child? It seems that we are medicating too many children to fit into the box of yesteryear? Good children grow to Good adults being Good. Tags: #Moral, optimism, inspirational, popular, positive, award winning, Free childrens picture EBook, Kids picture book for self-esteem, teaching life lessons, poems and songs, grade 2-4, free download PDF.


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