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Facts Vs Emotions

Do we need to teach children, reasoning should be balanced by Feeling?

All things in life are a discovery, especially for young children? We live in a world of art and science. Even great scientist argue over the same scientific fact. It’s a positive and moral lessons to teach children they are individuals and their own thoughts are important.

We need to consider the way we actually choose to see life may impose itself on what is the true reason for life itself: happiness, love and kindness. Do we need to release our view points more often to allow life to flow more? Are we teaching our kids greed is good and success and accomplishment is rated on how much we can buy?

Holding tight to water doesn’t achieve much, is it best to let water flow around your hand doesn’t that feel more positive?

If one can only teach to accept a scientific outlook, they will rise altogether above the need for human emotions? Maybe not?, it’s a personal journey with a palate of 10 billion colours to choose from, inspirational living for children comes from Science and Art working hand in hand. Proven scientific knowledge from great teachers coupled with your own personality rooted in fairness and good morale fibre will work wonders.


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