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Updated: May 5, 2018

Im not suggesting we deliberately look for happiness in being finically poor. Money can do a great deal of good. On the smallest levels to the largest. My suggestion is we can if we choose to have a simpler life and still maintain true happiness. We all have rooms filled with what seemed like an absolute necessity, now it’s kept in storage without another thought. We lose a great deal of energy managing our things, protecting it from thief or damage. Yes I do have a car and I do fuss and protect it. However after 25 years working in the CBD and driving to work 2 hours per day, I now work from a professional home office. Saving a great deal of expenses, time and worry. It’s a choice alternative, maybe my car will be sold soon, do I really need it?

Have we ever been a victim of someone’s lack of integrity to win at all costs. Certainly it’s easy to conclude there can be no winning when down without caring for others in the equation. No one ever wished on their death bed they spent more time climbing the corporate ladder. We look at Norway who has a 6.5 hour work day and ranks at one of the happiness nations on earth.

The new definition of what success is must include more than money and power.

I'm sure there are staggering number of very lonely very financially wealthy people. I'm sure also there are also very well balance and happy ones also. But what makes life really worth living, goal-oriented positive actions, personal purpose, responsibility, self-esteem and mindfulness, in the present moment, in their daily life. Assisting to create a well-balanced, vibrant and joyful child.

Its challenge to get out of a rut, it can feel nearly too little too late for many. This is why monkey travels was born. It’s not to later for your children to be award winning spiritual success. Positive thinking and a good moral fabric. The horse has not bolted for them yet.

We need to / teach our kids…and encourage intangible stuff can take a back seat to spiritual gains. Popular children’s books with moral lessons



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