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Is our society equating education and wisdom with mere information?

Updated: Apr 26, 2018

Are we cramming them with too much data, in the hope that, if our children has any common sense left by the time he graduates, they’ll have a positive foundation and self-guidance what to do with that seemingly endless amount of information he’s been forced to consume during his undergraduate years?

What about emotional intelligence (EQ)? what are we teaching our kids about how to be positive, for the best learning and adapting skills., to develop self-esteem. Who are we trying to impress here with the highest IQ? Where is the right balance?

Are we confusing knowledge with wisdom and goal-oriented positive actions, the new norm for the rest of most people’s lives. Would it right to say that our modern society, in part, is based on mere fact finding?

Are we losing the battle of good old down-to-earth wisdom and emotional mindfulness, over facts, facts and more facts.

Children’s individuality should be at the forefront of moralistic teaching and the healthy emotional development of ones childrens and ones self. Are we in a society that believes nothing unless its back up with the mere opinions (often distorted) of others. Lets teach our kids how to think for themselves. (Disclaimer I don’t mean let them choose chocolate for breakfast, or not go to school today).

Is our society equating education and wisdom with mere information, are we seeing this gathering of knowledge as the be all and end all of a modern education? Life is an opportunity an adventure, to develop kids to their fullest version and greatest potential as little human beings.

Good children grow to good adults being good

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