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Updated: Mar 8, 2018

By reading children’s books about optimism what is it we are really looking to obtain? This children's free book for kids addresses what makes us truly happy, to be able to be truly happy under all circumstances (footnote I can’t expect myself to be happy while being squashed by an elephant, however this is an extreme example, can we keep this point general?).

Most popular children’s books with moral lessons are they really addressing why are we so tied up in money, prestige, power? Is it social conditioning from advertising companies constantly bombarding us with messages of you are not good enough nor happy without this new xyz? Maybe they would have better informed if they downloaded this free children’s books about positive thinking when they were young!?

Yes I admit I was happy when I brought a new sofa, however that happiness did fade, like the sofa I may add, sooner than I would like to admit, my last thoughts on the sofa, moments before I tossed it to the side of the curb, was you old ugly thing, you have failed me. Maybe that can my next online books story for kids?

I do commend you sofa for giving me a glimpse of pseudo happiness though? But what I want and need is true happiness that teach important life lessons. Happiness not reliant of external things, self-generated happiness, free happiness, sure we can drink beer and be happy, but we had to pay for the beer… external short term kind-of happiness jolts to our nervous system do not stand the test of time? What we need for our kids is the best books and childcare, it should be free, giving positive emotional guidance and inspiration?


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