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The horse has bolted?....

It can be amazing how principles learned during formative and schooling years can direct a child’s later perceptions of reality.

Fundamental errors learned early on as a child can distort the way they ultimately reason. Misguided premises lead to false conclusions no matter how clever the line of reasoning, or how well intended they may, if friend or foe puts poison in your coffee it will have the same effect.

We too often see a model built by psychologists and some teachers who insist, I’m sure in contrary their own experience, that the mind of a baby is a completely blank slate on which its outer circumstances will engrave impressions that will form their personality. (say nothing about most people don’t remember before the age of three, does that mean nothing of consequence happened in that period to be justify memories?!).

Nothing in actual reality supports this theory. Parents all too knowingly see how different, from birth, each child from others and siblings, they all read, think and learn in an unique manner. Science and the powers that be insists it should be so: Therefore, it is so?

Educated people (I use this term generally and loosely), far more so than those who have been raised in the “school of hard knocks”—aka common sense — are particularly prone to choose theory over reality, I can only assume reality is a lot tougher to squeeze into equations and much harder to accomplish?


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