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Updated: May 5, 2018

With your children, what do you want for them. High marks in school, a well-paying job? Maybe if a boy a sportsperson, if a girl to marry a rich sportsperson? To be a winner, to climb the corporate ladder, to buy a house, nice car overseas holidays and a cabin by the lake, with money in the bank to boot?

Its only normal to want to teach important life’s moral lessons for your award winning children and have a life of martial advantages, gone are the days for many countries where washing your own clothes or dishes by hand is effective. We want our children to be popular, to have positive fun and to like others. We send to school our kids to learn the basics, (so they can acquire stuff) albeit really well. But what more?

Schools seems to deliberately leave out a moral and emotional guidance compass. Of course that’s the parents job?, but we may ask who taught us, I’m positive there are many super star parents out there, I’m also certain, many parents, especially young ones, are holding their head in the their hands wondering, what on earth am I doing, and relying on downloading a free children’s ebook for positive moral guidance, at best…. Are we surprised many kids haven't turned out more damaged than they are.

Free Kids eBook for good Life Lessons.



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