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Reality vs Theory.

Is there a difference between great people and the educators of children who explain their discoveries to others? Is it quite simply: real greatness focuses on reality, but are too many educators getting their knowledge from books and the internet? The light workers of humanity have detailed truths about something, and are usually committed to achieving those ends by the means most realistic for attaining them. They are impatient with outlooks that imply that the means are an end in themselves. Technique is more important than outcomes, that no conclusion is ever ultimate, therefore be considered tentative. For the teacher, philosophies hold a fascination that complexity of reason in the formulation replaces any requirement for arriving at any conclusion.

However much a young scholars grey matter is stuffed with book learning, his perception of life in general, after a decade and a half of education, can often be completely unrelated to worldly experience.

On one hand, to describe education in terms of what life has to teach us, we could soon find a reality directing our philosophies, instead of theories forming our perceptions. Are students lured into championing hare-brained, beliefs, because their teachers are “objective” to mind if a theory insults against normal human ways of society? as long as it is presented in an attractive wrapping of academic reckoning.


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